Mergers & Acquisitions:

  • Business and Financial Issues Analysis
  • Target Identification and Potential Buyer Evaluation
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Definitive Agreements
  • Preparation of Regulatory Applications
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Tax Analysis
  • Securities Law Compliance
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Anti-Takeover Planning
  • Going Private Transactions
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis

Strategic Planning Retreats

  • Customized Director and Officer Retreats
  • Long-Term Business Planning
  • Assistance and Advice in Implementing Strategic Plans
  • Business and Strategic Plan Preparation and Analysis
  • Director Education

Subchapter S Conversions and Elections

  • Financial and Tax Analysis and Advice
  • Reorganization Analysis and Restructuring
  • Cash-Out Mergers
  • Stockholders Agreements
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis

Executive Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Leveraged ESOP Transactions
  • Incentive Compensation and Stock Option Plans
  • Employment Agreements – Golden Parachutes
  • Profit Sharing and Pension Plans

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation*

* J. Franklin McCreary is a Rule 31-listed mediator.

Estate Planning

  • Wills, Trusts, and Other Estate Planning Documents
  • Estate Tax Savings Techniques
  • Probate

General Corporate Matters

  • Corporate Governance Planning and Advice
  • Recapitalization and Reorganization Analysis and Implementation

New Bank and Thrift Organizations

  • Organizational and Regulatory Advice
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Preparation of Financial Statement Projections
  • Preparation of the Interagency Charter and
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Application
  • Private Placements and Public Stock Offerings
  • Development of Bank Policies

Bank and Thrift Holding Company Formations

  • Structure and Formation
  • Ownership and Control Planning
  • New Product and Service Advice
  • Preparation of Regulatory Applications
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis

Capital Planning and Raising

  • Private Placements and Public Offerings of Securities
  • Bank Stock Loans
  • Trust Preferred Securities Issuances
  • Capital Plans

Financial Modeling and Analysis

  • Financial Statement Projections
  • Business and Strategic Plans
  • Ability to Pay Analysis
  • Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis
  • Subchapter S Conversion Analysis

Banking Regulatory Guidance and Examination Preparation

  • Preparation of Regulatory Applications
  • Examination Planning and Preparation
  • Regulatory Compliance Matters and Advice
  • Charter Conversions

Problem Bank and Thrift Issues

  • Examiner Dispute Resolution
  • Negotiation of Memoranda of Understanding and Orders to Cease and Desist
  • Negotiation and Litigation of Administrative Enforcement Actions
  • Management Evaluations and Plans
  • Failed Institution Acquisitions
  • New Capital Raising and Capital Plans
  • Appeals of Materials Supervisory Determinations


  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Controversy Negotiation and Advice


  • Public Speaking Engagements for Banking Industry Groups (i.e.,
  • Conventions, Schools, Seminars, and workshops)
  • Publisher of Books and Newsletters Regarding Banking and Financial
  • Services Issues