About Us

Firm Profile

Gerrish Smith Tuck was founded as two separate firms—Gerrish Smith Tuck Consultants, LLC and Gerrish Smith Tuck, PC, Attorneys—in Memphis, Tennessee by consultants and attorneys with a passion for the community banking industry. Since that time, our firms have provided guidance to community banking industry institutions and stakeholders through great lows (including the savings and loan crisis and the more recent Great Recession) and great highs (including mergers and acquisition transactions for four times book value when the industry was recording record profits). Our decades of experience representing all types of community financial institutions provides us experience and insight that are unparalleled in the community banking industry. Each of our professionals has unique qualifications, including former bankers, former bank regulators, former attorneys for the FDIC, MBAs, tax specialization, accounting, and other financial backgrounds. This expertise, combined with our experience and passion, make our firm uniquely qualified to guide institutions and stakeholders in the community banking industry through all opportunities and challenges that may be presented.

Since 1988, our firms have followed the primary principle of “high-touch,” professional service. This principle has not only resulted in our firm being nationally recognized in the banking, legal, and financial advisory industries for its quality advice and unmatched customer service, but, more importantly, it continues to make us responsive to and effective in meeting each of our client’s unique needs. The strength of the community banking industry is in offering relationship-based products and services that meet the needs of the community. We strive to apply that same relationship-oriented service to each of our important client relationships.

Mission Statement

The client’s needs come first.

This statement guides every act and service provided by our firm. We understand the importance of community financial institutions to the directors, officers, employees, shareholders and community, and strive to ensure that each client’s needs are fully met as if each client was our only client. We have properly performed our job only if you feel like our firm’s only client!