Gerrish’s Musings

This complimentary newsletter is published twice per month and is designed for CEOs and board members of community banking institutions.  Gerrish’s Musings reflects our firm’s insights and experiences as we travel weekly visiting with community banking industry clients from coast to coast. You may review the most recent edition of Gerrish’s Musing by clicking here.

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The Board Chair Forum Newsletter

This complimentary, monthly newsletter is designed for Community Bank Board Chairs, Vice Chairs, Lead Directors, and CEOs and was published in response to the overwhelming success of the annual Community Bank Board Chair Forum Conference hosted by Jeff Gerrish, Philip Smith, and Greyson Tuck. The newsletter covers topics unique to the changing role of the Board Chair.  You may review the most recent edition of the Board Chair Forum by clicking here.

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Gerrish’s Glossary for Bank Directors

A searchable glossary of key words, acronyms and terms typically used by bank directors and executives, such as ALCO, dependency ratio, financial holding company, kiting, liquidity risk, OAEM, private placement, and many others. Please contact for ordering information (electronic format only).

The Bank Directors’ Bible: Commandments for Community Bank Directors

A compilation of the noted “Ten Commandments” articles published by Gerrish Smith Tuck over the years. Topics include Commandments for Bank Directors, Commandments for Enhancing Shareholder Value, Commandments for Strategic Planning, Commandments for Dealing with Regulators, and others. Please contact for ordering information.

Clients and Friends Memoranda

Our firm has published numerous Memoranda to Clients and Friends on a multitude of topics. If you would like information regarding a specific topic, please contact